About Us

c.live is an interactive live-streaming app that enables individuals and organizations to share events, latest products, services, and ideas with their audience across the world, hassle-free and at their comfort. From a click, people can join a live stream, know more about the featured subjects and connect directly with the streamer or host for any inquiries. 

The app is here to help you go live by bridging the gap between an interactive physical experience with a convenient online one. Through c.live, viewers can see people behind products or events and interact with them. This allows brands to build engagement and create social community in their niche. Plus, driving their conversions using time-bound exclusive offers that can be shared on their live session.

c.live helps grow your business in this dynamic digital world. All you need is your creativity and c.live app!


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C-Live with its trendy design is mainly aimed towards organizations, celebrities and influencers who already have huge followers.