About US


Developed in 2020, C-live is a unique mobile app running on both iOS and Android. Built as a reliable, lag-free and convenient platform for live-streaming and content sharing, the app targets both businesses and mainstream audiences looking to connect with their loved ones or with the wider public via a clear, hassle-free streaming system that does not share common issues of lags, cuts and image quality blurs that exist in the market at present.

C-live works on both personal and business levels thanks to multi-function architecture and simple-to-navigate design. Users fond of social media and curious to follow and consume user-generated content will find C-live a perfect platform to not only connect and live-stream, but also to share and consume content. Those with business mind-sets, hoping to gain better, wider and more efficient content exposure or create revenue out of their unique content, can also use C-live to create, upload and share revenue-driven content depending on their own area of interest. Businesses looking for eyeballs and capturing audiences’ attention can also avail of C-live to launch effective campaigns that connect with audiences creatively and unconventionally.